About Us

About Hawaiian Dollar Llc

Aloha and welcome to Hawaiian Dollar Llc, where every coin tells a story of conservation, heritage, and the exquisite beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.

Our Origin:
Rooted in the historic town of Lahaina, Maui, Hawaiian Dollar Llc was born from a deep appreciation for Hawaii and a vision to preserve its unparalleled natural and cultural treasures. Our founding in Lahaina, a town rich in Hawaiian history and cultural significance, underscores our dedication to the essence of the islands. We aspired to offer more than just a memento of Hawaii but a symbol of commitment to the preservation of its sacred lands.

Our Mission:
At Hawaiian Dollar Llc, our mission transcends beyond commerce. Each Hawaiian Dollar coin, meticulously crafted from one ounce of .999 fine silver, represents more than just a precious metal. It signifies a square foot of land that we’ve dedicated to conservation. By owning a Hawaiian Dollar, you are not just holding a piece of precious metal; you’re upholding a legacy of conservation and cultural reverence.

Our Commitment:
The limited number of coins reflects the exact square footage of land we’ve set aside for conservation. Through this initiative, we aim to ensure that the magic and spirit of the islands, especially our home in Lahaina, remain untouched for generations to come.

A Precious Keepsake:
Our coins serve as a tangible reminder of the serene beaches, lush rainforests, and the vibrant culture of Hawaii. As you hold a Hawaiian Dollar, know that you’re part of an effort to keep Hawaii as enchanting as the memories you’ve made here.

Mahalo for being a part of our journey and for supporting the conservation of the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.


Covenants and Restrictions

The land will be saved for the conservation of Hawaii’s nature and culture.

The owners of Hawaiian Dollar coins shall not occupy the land ,make improvements, or develop the land. 

Owners of Hawaiian Dollar coins grant rights of ingress and egress over the land. 

Owners of Hawaiian Dollar coins shall not receive any income or derive any other financial benefit whatsoever from the land. 

Hawaiian Dollar Llc holds title of the land and is responsible for all the taxes and for complying with any local regulations. 

The minting and sale of Hawaiian Dollar coins does not constitute the sale of a security, the coins are minted for novelty purposes.

The number of Hawaiian Dollar coins minted shall not exceed the number of square feet in the land.